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Mountain House is an outdoor store located in the southest city in Chile which stands out for the high quality of its products.
Acquainted to the cold and the extreme weather, no one knows better what it’s needed to enjoy the beautiful landscapes Patagonia give us.
The tradition of a local and independent store since 1979 that remains at the forefront of the market and looks for to be a referent for tourists who want to discover what Patagonia and Antartica have to show us.

Mountain House es una tienda de productos outdoor ubicada en la ciudad más al sur de Chile que destaca por la alta calidad de sus productos.
Acostumbrados al frío y a los climas extremos, nadie conoce mejor lo que se necesita para disfrutar de los hermosos paisajes que nos entrega la Patagonia.
La tradición de una tienda local e independiente desde 1979 que se mantiene a la vanguardia del mercado y que busca ser un referente para los turistas que quieran descubrir lo que Patagonia y Antártica tienen para mostrarnos.

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Chilean Patagonia (Punta Arenas City) has its special tax exemptions.
Here we don't pay neither Customs nor internal taxes, which are 25% over the CIF Value as the rest of the country does, including Santiago for goods from 30USD.

To operate under this regime, we have a signed contract with Punta Arenas Zona Franca (TAX FREE ZONE) and the goods we import are delivered from the foreign exporter straight to us without tax.

That is why this region does not buy technical Outerwear from Chilean Distributors. They have already paid the 25% TAX, and the cost of transportation to this remote area is expensive, so the final cost is too high, about 35% and 40% more!!!

That is why we've been Marmot Distributors for more than 25 years even though there is a distributor in Chile. But we are in a very special part of the Planet, so we work with tougher standards.
We are looking forward to offer better/new products all the time.

More than 250.000 people visit Torres del Paine National Park every year. And some other come to Cape Horn and the Southern Icefield.
Do you want your technical products in our stands? We do!