Including a range of sweaters, jackets, fleeces, t-shirts and long-sleeved shirts, and undergarments made of merino wool, are best for the changeable climate of Patagonia.
Thermal underwear
Is recommended for cold nights, particularly in mountain regions or the far south.
A waterproof raincoat or parka
Is essential for protection against the erce winds and heavy rains that are experienced throughout Patagonia.
Waterproof overtrousers
Will keep you dry and warm during particularly rainy and windy weather and waterproof gloves are also strongly recommended.
A pair of waterproof trekking or hiking boots
Particularly ones which provide robust ankle and heel protection, will be best suited to the range of Patagonian terrain.
A hat
That protects your neck and ears, UV protection sunglasses and high- factor sunblock are indispensable for offering sun protection.

Other accesories

A daypack with waterproof cover
Is also ideal if you are planning on hiking. Those which include an adjustable waist belt will help to manage the weight of the load on your back and make it more comfortable for trekking.
Binoculars for wildlife spotting.
A camera
With a good zoom lens for taking photographs of wildlife from a distance.
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