Considering the geographical and meteorological conditions of the racing area, the equipment suggested by us seeks to strengthen the personal safety and improve the experience of runners. However, selecting and evaluating each item of your clothing and/or race equipment depends on the person or their preferences and experiences.
Keep in mind that everyone reacts differently to the same weather conditions.
In addition, the recommended equipment, especially the clothing, will depend on the speed at which you run (you probably need more layers if your pace is slower).


Exposure to solar radiation is the cause of a high number of eye injuries, so we recommend you wear UV-filter goggles. They also allow you to protect yourself from the wind: there are cases of transient cold blindness.
Survival blanket
It could be useful in case you quit or you get injured and you have to wait for a vehicle of the organization. The survival blanket protects you from the wind and reduces heat loss through radiation by aluminum foils in which the infrared rays are reflected.
Essential to protect the skin from solar radiation during the race.
Mobile phone
Network available only at some points of the route.
Ear plugs
If your ears are very sensitive, using plugs will protect you from the wind.


The outer layer has the mission of preventing the passage of wind and rain. Depending on the weather, we recommend using a windbreaker or a raincoat with breathable membranes like Goretex or others.
First layer
It's the inner layer that's in contact with your skin, so it is recommended for it to be pleasant to the touch and not retain moisture. We suggest a first layer of merino or synthetic wool. Cotton is not recommended because it retains moisture and takes time to dry.
Despite being discovered, the head is kept warm thanks to its rich network of blood vessels. However, you should have in mind that more than 30% of body heat is lost through the head. Hence the convenience of protecting it by the hat. It will also help you protect your ears from the wind.
The hands are the only part of the body that does not get warm when running, this is because the blood circulation is focused on the muscles. We suggest the use of gloves, ideally windstopper.
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